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Baku International School employs educators who sincerely love children. QSI educators are professionals who are dedicated to student success and personal growth. With mastery learning, they use time as a resource in order to help all students find success. 100% of our teachers are certified professionals. QSI educators come from North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and around the world. 

Baku International School has approximately 80 staff members, which includes teachers and support staff. There are three administrators at BIS, a director, director-of-instruction and full-time counselor.  All overseas homeroom teachers are hired by QSI (Quality Schools International) and are fully certified teachers. All BIS homeroom teachers are currently from the United States and are native English speakers. They have all been with QSI for at least 6 years, with an average of 10 years. Many of our teachers have Master’s degrees and/or additional certifications in a variety of areas including Educational Technology, Special Education, Reading Specialist, Educational Leadership, and Curriculum and Instruction. 

Local and third-country national teachers are certified in their home country. BIS employs local and third-country national teachers to teach LOE (Language Other than English), art, music, pre-school and physical education. All classes from ages 2 years old to 8 years old have a local, English speaking, paraprofessional. Additionally, we have a paraprofessional working in our secondary science lab and Maker Space. 

Our office staff is comprised of a business manager and three accounting/administrative assistants. BIS has a full-time school nurse and a full-time IT coordinator. The support staff include members from the Security Office, Maintenance Office and Cafeteria. 

Below is a breakdown of the BIS staff: 


Number of Employees 

School Administration 

Overseas Homeroom Teachers 


Local/Third country national teachers 




Office Staff/Nurse/IT/Librarian 


Security Guards 

Bus Drivers 


All BIS staff members must have a current certified background check from their home country and from their last country of residence.